Children and Adolescent counselling

"A child wants to be good. If they can't - teach them,
If they don't know - explain them, if they are not able to - help them".
Janusz Korczak

If you notice that your children, both the younger and older ones:
Violent outbursts
Emotional lability
Persistent mood lost
No motivation to act
Interpersonal issue
Dissatisfaction with life / loss of sense
Self – injurious behavior
Disturbing changes
it is a sign that you should act. As in the case of somatic diseases, independent attempts to help fail and prolong the disease. A child who is struggling with their sadness, despair and deprivation that are difficult to imagine, reacts differently than an adult. It is much more dangerous.

Feelings of a child are as strong as the adults'. However, they are even more distressful and... different. Most often, children experience difficult events stronger because their mind is not yet able to adapt properly. Simply speaking, they do not understand what is happening and why.
Therapy of a child always requires cooperation of a psychotherapist with parents or guardians. A certain kind of flexibility in the parent's behaviour towards the child and changing the pattern of previous behaviours is often required. A child undergoing psychotherapy always requires emotional support.
My therapy is a holistic one, focusing not only on the child's behaviour in a psychotherapeutic office, but also in all other environments in which the child functions, e.g. home or school by observing parents or guardians.

After each finished session, you are informed about its course and, if necessary, you get the necessary tips on how to work with your child at home, if some changes must be made. You are not left alone.